Frequently asked questions

Q. Do you charge for taking Test?
A. No it is completely free for job seekers.
Q. How many times I can take the test on each subject?
A. One time, we suggest you prepare well on the subject and attend the test.
Q. Can I take test on my mobile?
A. Yes you can take the test on your mobile and desktop/laptop. Only requirement is you should have a camera to take the test. 
Q. Why accepting Camera is must to take the Test?
A. By capturing the videos/photos while you take test we will make sure that there is no fraud. I mean your friend take's the test on behalf of you and you attend the interview. This is just to avoid the fraud. In simple words it is “Auto Proctoring”.
Q. What happens if I close the camera or make my face not visible to Camera ?
A. We don't approve your test scores and also we will not forward your profile to recruiters.
Q. Will hires us directly?
A. No we will only screen your profile and forward your profile and test scores to different companies recommending your test scores.
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